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Profile Updated: October 27, 2015
Residing at: St. Joseph, MO USA
Children/Grandchildren: Daughter Janelle Gann Austin, (John), Jillian Marie (08/10/2001) and Jeffrey William (07/26/2004

My More…daughter just published her first book, " A Kids Guide to Kansas City" through her own publishing company, Above The Fold Media, Inc. I hope everyone runs out and buys 6 copies. (ADDED BY ADMINISTRATOR-- (added to our COOL LINKS tab in left column)
Little or unknown fact about me

I just published my book. A Walk In The Park, The Adventures Of A FOUR Time cancer Survivor. It's available on my website listed above.

I was granted the title "Kentucky Col" when I graduated from auctioneer school in 1988.

What have you been doing since school/Now?

Worked for over 20 yrs. in several banks in St. Joseph, Kansas City and Lawton, Oklahoma as VP of Commercial Lending. Owned a collection/Repo Agency. Wrote bail bonds and fugitive recovery (bounty hunter).
Also worked for the Federal Deposit Insurance Agency. Divorced in 1991 still unmarried. Operated my own construction company until October 2004 when I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma. The doctor told me to go home and get things in order and that I might see Thanksgiving, there was nothing they could do. (I'm sure he cheated all through medical school) I fell out of remission in 2008 and began chemotherapy again, I am presently in remission but still taking chemotherapy. I am hoping to go go back to work full time soon. I fell in the ally behind my house on dec. 26th and broke my hip. The right leg pointed north, the left leg pointed south, I thought this is really going to hurt. A tow truck driver found me almost covered up with snow ( I couldn't move to reach my cell phone). I thought if I could only call someone and tell them " I've fallen and can't get up". It took the paramedics about a half hour to dig me out of the snow. I spent a week in the hosp. and a month in a nursing home. I stayed at Mom and Dad's for a month. I then had a chemo treatment and the next week my gall bladder ruptured and was taken out, and another week in the hosp. This time my girlfriend let me stay a few weeks at her house (but in my own room, I almost never go to sleep til 3 or 4 in the morning and I snore really loud). My Oncology doctor told me I'm the toughest S.O.B. he ever saw. I get to see my daughter, SIL and grandkids almost every week (they live in KC) I still have my parents and all of my brothers and sisters. I still have 28 of my 31 flavors of 1st cousins. (big family). I also still do an auction every once in a while, I really enjoy doing them for fun raisers.

I though I would write something here that has been on my AOL profile for the past 6 years. I try to live everyday to it's fullest, try not to leave anything important undone or unsaid. Tell those close to me how much they mean to me. I try to think of others first and how they will judge me when I'm gone. Have fun and enjoy your friends and family, don't take yourself to seriously. Thank God everyday for this beautiful country and ENJOY,,,, life is indeed much to short.

Can we get spell check on this site ?

Favorite Memory of 1964 to 1968:

How easy life was then.

Did you attend any other high school?

No, 7 years at Benton was enough for me and Jethrow.

Siblings? Older/Younger?

Terry (older) Benton class of 65.
Julia (younger) Benton class of 70.
Susan (younger) Benton class of 72.
Randy (younger) Benton class of 76.

What grade school(s) did you go to? What story / memory do you have to tell us?

McKinley, I was sent the the principals office because I wrote about summer vacations. I told the class I had been to over thirty states. The teacher Miss McMillen called me a filthy little liar, and said no one my age could have been that many places. The principal Clifford Howard said if I recanted and changed my story he wouldn't strap me. Ten lashes later I blew out of the office, down the stairs and home. The next morning my 5 ft. tall mother took me back to school and tore everyone a new one. She told them I had been to all those state because her and dad took me there. 4th grade wasn't my cup of tea. In 5th grade I got in trouble and put in the teachers closet on a chair, in the dark. I went to sleep, everyone forgot about me, when I woke up I was locked in the room and it was dark outside. After beating on the door for a long time the custodian came and let me out. He thought I had broken in the school. While dragging me to the office to call the police I got loose and went home. Everyone at school got a chewing again the next morning. Dad suggested that military school might be good for me but I finished grade school without any further large disruptions.

Favorite car of the past that you'd like to own/drive now.

1961 Impala Convertible.

Fav vacation spot(s)

Key West, Fl. and anywhere you can pan for gold or run a metal detector.

Current Hobbies/Interests:

Photography, woodworking, metal detecting, gold prospecting. Genealogy, I can go back 11 generations on 3 sides of my family and I spend a lot of time on line and haunting libraries and cemeteries looking for lost relatives. 2 of my ancestors are revolutionary war veterans (Johannes Plantz and Samuel Gann).

Your favorite song(s)? either past or current

That one by prince, yes that one.

What TV show(s) 'today' do you hate to miss?

O'Reilly factor, Glenn Beck, Red Eye and Saturday morning cartoons. My new favorite is Robot Chicken.

Has this website reconnected you with an old friend that you had lost touch with? Will you stay in touch?

Yes, I am very, very, impressed, this is one of the best websites I've seen. Great job.

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